2048 Jelly Sort

Merge number blocks to achieve higher results in this 2048 merge game

Sniper John: Search ‘n Protect

Protect your target! Grab your rifle, dog and binoculars to stop the threat!

Monsters At Home: Sword Slice

Monsters invaded your house! Cut them up with your sword

Cablecar Park Fun

Help your passengers get to the other side in this colorful puzzle

Match All Words

Unleash your word power with the exciting puzzle game ‘Match All Words’

NumberXNumber: Puzzle Game

Train your brain in this fun number puzzle game! Can you beat all levels?

Wordelete – Word Puzzle

Train your brain in this fun number puzzle game! Can you beat all levels?

Bounce The Doge

Protect the Doge from nasty bees!

Monster Room Bullet

Get ready to set your aim at deadly monsters and solve puzzles with bullets!

Merge Sword Craft

Merge your tools and weapons to brake blocks and free the villagers

Match All Colors

Match all color sets to their respective places in this quirky matching game!

Monster Escape Runner

Huge monster is chasing you! Avoid obstacles to escape

Cops in Trouble: Draw to Save

It’s a bad neighborhood! Draw to protect policeman and his car

Plunger Tricks

Test your aim… with PLUNGERS!

Tactical Fall

Hop in your car, recruit units, descend the level and beat the monster

Origami Zen

Guide your little origami figure through the the traps and obstacles

Money Push

Flex your muscles! Collect money and push enemy team out of the ring

Sky Plane Evolution

Drive your plane safely to the finish. Evade traps, obstacles and other planes

Granny Tag

Little punks are getting on your nerves! Catch them and show granny’s anger

Car Yoga

Change your car’s pose to evade obstacles, upgrade it and increase price

Money Hop

Jump from one coin to another and gather money

Cyberpunk Edge: Tower War TD

Fight your way through the NiteCity to beat all your enemies and save your girl

Money Drop

Drop down destroying all the frozen cash and gold

Doctor Hands: Run

Help your patients! Collect and deliver them to the finish line

Gunhead Merge Masters

Merge Gunheads! Fight and become the best Gunhead Master

Emoji Pitch

Sort Emojis by Themes as fast as you can, and be aware of Chains and Presents

Gunhead Slide

Have some Sliding and Shooting in a new Gunhead experience

Doctor Hands

You have to help your patients, but your arms are too long. What will you do?!

Gold Defense

Pirates are trying to steal your gold! Prepare your weapons and defend it

House Crusher

Crush everything on the map

Deadly Raft: Fight and Survive

Upgrade your Raft and avoid aquatic dangers

Mech Run

Run through the level while blowing up enemy mechs

Chaos Survivors

Monsters attack you! Move fast, collect weapons, upgrade your hero to survive

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