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We develop corporate games for both employees and clients. Depending on the target audience, the game can have different goals and achieve various results.

Business Challenges
Clients Approach Us With

Onboarding of Staff
Staff Training
Team Building
Marketing and Sales
Management and Leadership Training
  • With high staff turnover, there is a need for mass and controlled training
    of new employees, for which there may simply not be enough experienced personnel.
  • There are complex processes, procedures, and policies within the company that require strict adherence. The quality of the learned material can be challenging to verify in a testing environment to avoid critical mistakes.
  • Employees are either unfamiliar with the company’s corporate culture or familiar but not engaged.
  • Personal training
    is expensive and labor-intensive, especially
    for companies with multiple offices
    or remote employees.
  • Employees resist learning
    new skills if they do not see the benefits and incentives,
    or if the information is presented in a complex and voluminous manner.
  • Companies lack the resources and experience
    to independently develop and implement training programs.
  • Employees are uncomfortable sharing information or participating in activities with their colleagues, especially
    if they are not familiar with each other.
  • There are no resources or time for investments in team-building events.
  • Poorly planned or executed team-building events can lead to alienation, boredom, or even resentment among team members.
  • It’s becoming increasingly difficult
    to stand out with your brand amid growing competition.
  • The product is conceptually quite complex, making it difficult to convey its benefits to the buyer.
  • Traditional advertising methods used to work well, but now the audience response has decreased
    as the advertising has become stale for the buyer.
  • Quantitative audience data is being collected, but it is difficult to understand their preferences and behavior.
  • Employees are afraid to make decisions
    and lead their team.
  • The company’s managers have weak organizational skills, strategic planning abilities, or conflict resolution skills.
  • Managers are not growing professionally, but there are not enough resources to recruit experienced employees.

How can our games help your company?

For customers
For employees

Increasing engagement

Games can help attract your target audience and increase interest in the product or service being offered.

Improving brand recognition

Increase brand recognition, especially among the younger audience. Creating an engaging and accessible game will help firmly establish your brand in the consumer’s memory.

Conveying product information

If your product or service is conceptually complex and requires some learning curve, a game can effectively showcase its advantages or educate users on how to use it in a accessible way.


Use games as part of your PR campaign. Interactive games elicit a greater emotional response from players compared to videos or text, allowing you to build a strong system of associations between the player and your brand or product.

Lead Generation:

Generate leads by offering players personalized promotions and rewards for engaging with your products or services.

Attracting new employees

Presenting work processes in the format of game mechanics helps potential employees understand the tasks and specifics of the company. Additionally, games can help dispel negative stereotypes about the company or industry for those who are seeking their first job.


Our games allow for the automation of training processes and standardization of knowledge assessment methods. Game-based trainers and simulators help new employees learn about the company’s culture, policies, and processes in an understandable and engaging manner. Such trainers are particularly useful when a company frequently hires new employees who need to be trained on company standards and procedures.


Our games can be designed to train employees in new skills such as customer service, problem-solving, and teamwork. Your employees will be able to study new material and take tests at their own convenience, choosing the time and place that suits them. Additionally, we can realistically simulate any work process or situation in the game, allowing employees to practice work scenarios without the fear of making critical mistakes.

Increasing product knowledge

Games can be used to train sales representatives and improve their product knowledge, enabling them to better communicate the advantages and features of the product to customers.

Team building

Games help strengthen team cohesion, foster collaboration, and improve communication within a team. Interactive games can simulate the structure of interactions between departments and specialists in the company to reinforce employee behavior models within the organization.

Our Cases

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Avgust AgroSim

Training and adaptation of field workers.

The company “August” is the largest Russian producer of agrochemicals and a leader in the domestic pesticide market.

At their request, our team created a mobile and easily accessible Android platform specifically designed for mass training and adaptation of field workers.

To create the game, our team organized a trip to the Agroproject in Kazan to gather information about the enterprise, interact with employees, and identify key pain points in their work processes to replicate in the game.

The game provided an authentic simulation of all the most important technical actions in the field in an immersive and engaging format, including crop selection, problem identification in the field, selection of appropriate chemicals, and crop planting and harvesting cycles.

Thanks to the game, the company “August” was able to showcase the work on an agricultural project in an interesting and understandable way. This helped attract new employees, including young professionals who are just completing their education in colleges.

Game-based training “Project Manager”

Management simulator.

In this interactive game, you will step into the role of a project manager facing a situation of insufficient budget and delays.

Throughout the game, you will be required to make decisions that will help you minimize the negative consequences of this situation or, conversely, exacerbate them.

You will be able to apply your skills in maintaining subordination, delegating authority, and being accountable.

To achieve success, you need to balance your responses, aiming to achieve project goals while maintaining positive relationships with your team.

The game will allow you to assess your project management skills and see how your decisions impact the final outcomes.

Upon completing the game, you will receive a summary of your achievements, which will help you assess your success and progress in the field of project management.

Game-based training “Sales Manager”

Sales Manager simulator.

In this interactive game, you will step into the role of a sales manager who faces the challenge of notifying clients about a delivery delay.

Throughout the game, you will interact with clients through dialogues, applying effective communication skills, personalization, and addressing objections.

Your responses and decisions will impact two important factors: achieving set goals and maintaining good relationships with clients.

To achieve success, you need to balance your responses, aiming to achieve company goals while maintaining positive relationships with clients.

The game will allow you to assess your sales management skills and see how your decisions impact the outcomes.

Upon completing the game, you will receive a summary of your achievements, which will help you assess your success and progress in the field of sales management.

Game-based training “Soft Skills for Analysts”

Analyst simulator

In this interactive game, you will find yourself in a meeting where you have been invited to improve the process of signing invoices in the logistics department through digitization.

Your role in the game will be that of an Analyst, and you will be able to apply your active listening skills, meeting facilitation, and ability to ask clarifying questions.

Your responses and decisions will impact the achievement of goals and the maintenance of relationships with colleagues.

To achieve success, you need to balance your responses, aiming to achieve project goals while maintaining positive relationships with your team.

The game will help you assess your soft skills as an analyst and see how your decisions impact the final outcomes.

Upon completing the game, you will receive a summary of your achievements, which will help you assess your success and progress in developing your soft skills.

How do we work?

Custom game solutions

We closely collaborate with our clients to create games tailored to their specific goals and objectives.

Consultations and ideas throughout the development process

Our creative team is involved throughout the entire development process of your project and contributes fresh ideas to enhance it.

Projects of different budgets and complexities

Do you need a simple and engaging game or a realistic technical simulator? We can create both types of projects.

Post-release support and quality assurance

Our team will continue to support your game even after its release.

Short iterative cycles based on your feedback

We will regularly send you test versions of the game so that you can provide feedback or request changes at any stage.

Creating additional marketing materials for games

If needed, our team can provide special branding and marketing resources for the game.

Why choose us?

For over five years, our team has been developing games of various levels of complexity and genres.

We have been developing and maintaining a hardcore multiplayer role-playing game for over four years, with constant updates and a community of over 7,000 players. Our team has developed more than 29 exciting casual games for the mobile market in just 6 months. We have collaborated with many major international publishers in the development and market testing of mobile games. Our team includes not only developers and programmers, but also an art department that can best represent your ideas and style.

Our technical stack


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • XCode
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Pro Maya


  • C/C++/C++11/C++14
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • GdScript


  • Windows
  • WebGL
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Android

Analytics Frameworks

  • AppsFlyer
  • AppMetrica
  • Facebook SDK
  • GameAnalytics
  • Unity Analytics

Advertising Platforms

  • UnityAds
  • TapJoy
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • AdColony
  • AdMob
  • AppLovin MAX

Social Frameworks

  • Facebook


  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB

Social Frameworks

  • Spine (Unity)
  • Game Center
  • Google Play Games
  • Unity Tweens (LeanTween, DOTWeen)Text Mesh Pro

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